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For more information about the V-Twin, and how to go about purchasing and building a kit, here are some ideas:

Come to AirVenture 2021 and see the Velocity V-Twin for yourself. Starbird will be there all week long. 🙂

  1. Talk to the factory. Of course they know all about it, and can give you lead times, current pricing, etc.

2. Join VOBA – Velocity Owners and Builders Association

3. Join the Velocity Builders and Pilots page on Facebook. This is a closed group, but that’s not a problem, just ask to join.

4. Peruse this site. 🙂

5. Look at some builder blogs – those for single engine Velocity’s. In particular, look at the XLRG model as that is what the V-Twin is based on. For example, seats, control sticks, instrument panel, canard, landing gear, fuel system, strakes, and so on are all identical.

Here are some blog links:

Note: Click on the wiki link above, then click on Builder’s Websites for quite a few links.

Google the V-Twin. There isn’t much out there, but there are a few YouTube videos, and more being posted.

Good hunting!